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B.C. Elections Act

1897     British Columbia denies the franchise to citizens of “Asiatic” origin.

Hayashi-Lemieux “Gentleman’s Agreement”

1908     Japan agrees to restrict the number of passports issued to male labourers and domestic servants to a maximum of 400 a year.

1923     The number of passports is restricted to Japanese male immigrants to 150 a year

1928     Wives and children are now included in the 150 a year quota.

Orders-in Council

March 1941.  Required registration and fingerprinting of all Japanese Canadians over the age of 16.

January 1941. Required all male Japanese Canadian nationals between the ages of 18-45 to be removed from the protected land – 100 miles inland

February 1941. Required removal of all persons of Japanese ancestry from protected area

January 1943. Authorized the Custodian of Enemy Property to sell property of Japanese Canadians that was being held in trust

February 1943. Required that Japanese Canadians had to apply for a license to purchase property

April 1943. Ordered the deportation of Japanese Canadians to Japan or their removal to eastern Canada